Arnie Lotholz

As we continue to walk through this time with the Covid-19 pandemic around us, we feel uncertain as so many things are changing around us.  We don't even kinow what normal is like right now.  Some have been able to get into a new normal for now, and others it is day by day.  But we can trust in the Lord that He will walk with us through this.

When the pandemic is over, we will need to start looking at our lives again, and decide what is important now.  Of course getting back to work, if possible, or a daily routine that invovles working or socializing with others will be something that we all we been longing for.

What our new normal will look like for the church is uncertain yet.  We will again be able to meet in our facilities and worship together.  But I encourage you to take time at least weekly to worship on-line through the services that we are posting on facebook.


keep watching here or our facebook page for any new up dates.


Pastor Arnie